15th June 2020: The United Nations Association of Malaysia Youth (UNAM Youth) hosted an Online Youth Assembly Conference titled ‘Developing A Sustainable Framework to Reduce the Vulnerability of Incoming Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia’ on the 13th and 14th of June 2020.

Conducted online through a dedicated discord server, the conference aimed to provide youths a platform to absorb the role of policy makers and to understand the importance of policies in diplomatic relations, both of which underlined the significance of diplomacy by way of collaborating.

The conference was chaired by prominent youths in the Model United Nations (MUN) circuit. They were Yit Xiang, an active member of the MUN circuit since 2016, Amirah Fatimah, who served as Secretary General in the inaugural IIUM MUN 2019, and Jack, a student at GMU with an active involvement in MUN conferences for over 4 years.

Anisul Islam, an independent news writer and Rohingya refugee, was invited as a speaker for the assembly and along with UNAM Youth Malaysia’s President, Rehhahn Tudball and Vice President, Jonathan Dason, provided reviews and feedbacks on the resolutions that were produced by the delegates.

Since Malaysia does not possess a legal framework in regulating the rights of refugees (who are regarded as undocumented immigrants with no legal access to employment, education, healthcare, or protection by the law), this dialogue session by like-minded individuals assisted in recognizing the importance of designing a sustainable framework in order to combat the refugee crisis in Malaysia.

By: Jagdeep Singh

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